Tuesday, May 26, 2015

For this discussion blog I want to talk about a discussion that me and my friends have at least 3 times a week. It seems like a simple topic but Batman vs super man is anything but. Being pro batman I get a lot of heat from people with inexperience in super hero knowledge and that's how this argument usually seems to go. If you know the history between batman and super man in the justice league it says that batman caries  kryptonite at all times in case super man gets out of control, Wikipedia backs this up with the contents of batman's utility belt. The argument that super man is the most powerful super hero and invincible to anything but kryptonite is valid, but in the last batman book "The dark knight falls" batman beats superman and can kill him but then dies of a heart attack. Many people think that super man could beat batman by just flying into the air with a bus or something and smashing him with it, but batman is one of the smartest people on earth so he would never be exposed to scenario like that. While looking on the inter web i found that its about a 50/50 tie in opinions on the batman vs superman debate. This video I found on you tube called "batman vs superman: who would really win in a fight" challenges the two heroes on other aspects than just fighting. In the video it compared their suits, ability's, disguises, romances and other super hero characteristics. It pretty much was determining who was the cooler super hero.
This discussion is probably one of the greatest of all time. Yahoo answers has batman vs super man, who would win?  as a topic and it has over 100 answers.
In the top top 10 most powerful comic book characters super man is #2 and batman doesn't even make the list. Does that mean batman can still beat superman? if so can batman beat any of the other characters on the list? The avengers are all very powerful but superman can waste everyone of them. So can batman beat the avengers.

Monday, May 18, 2015

For the past 10 days i have been looking at google news writing about what i see or anything about the sight and one question i had the whole time was how do they make money. So i used google to look it up i found this sight http://www.seochat.com/c/a/google-optimization-help/google-news-how-can-it-make-money/  it pretty much just explained what google news is and it said this "All news from all over the world, all the time. Not a bad way to promote a site, wouldn't you say?"  
and i thought it was kind of interesting because it also said they don't make much money even though its the worlds largest news agency's. This might be the case because google news is an aggregator which means they collect news stories  from other sites and they don't actually have people that write stuff. For some people this is the best way to get news because your getting it from a variety of different sights and getting a different feel and style instead of the same stuff but that is how some people like it. Its important  to get news because that's how we know whats going on in the world and people know that. News helps people not only to become more knowledgeable but it creates jobs and makes the world faster. That's one thing that's so incredible about the world and news today. Without technology and the news sources we have our world would run very poorly and slow.
Most people that watch the news and visit a news site frequently do it because news concerns us but we also are interested in things that are non of our business. For the people that are interested in the things that don't concern them they don't know that its none of their business. news is everyone's business even if  its all the way across the world just because technology has made it that way. We can know any sort of news from anywhere in the world so that's why we pay attention to stuff that isn't that business.
News seems to focus more on negative stories rather than positive ones. according to study's Bad news outweighs good news 17 to 1. Why is that? psychology today talks about the depressing news in our world.
 they say that our negative brain tripwires are far more negative than our positive triggers  so we become more fearful than happy.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Everything there is was a design and we are all designers. When we get dressed in the morning we design what outfit we are wearing. When we make a sandwich we design what sandwich we have and what we want on it. Everything is designed for a specific purpose and that's what makes design so great.
Design effects everything we do in our lives because everything we have is designed in a way that can influence our decisions. The way our cars or rooms or anything is designed gives us identity. That's one of the greatest things about design because everything we choose either if its designed for us or if we design it gives us an identity that makes who we are. In an article about the buccaneers new jerseys they said the new jerseys honor the essence and evolution of the team so the jerseys  give them identity.

Design not only makes a person but solves a persons problems. Every problem there ever was has been solved through design even if its just a thought or advice it was designed by us. Every time i have trouble with something it requires me to think and come up with a design for how to solve it. Something as simple as if i need to get something off of a shelf in my garage i use design to get it down by stacking wood on paper on a shelf. Or something more complicated could be like the time i had to set up my projector in my room i designed a shelf for it to sit on with extension cords and speakers. All of the projects we accomplish are products of design. The show how its made gives us the process of how the things we use everyday. A lot of us take for granted all of the things we have and don't take time to appreciate all of the work the work that goes into the simple things we use.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Our entire lives are based off of our choices and that's why choice is such a powerful thing. Everything we know and learn about is based off of our choice including what news we hear or see. Different things are interesting to different people so one person will choose to get news on sports while another will choose to get news on politics. These choices we make everyday determine how we talk act and live. The way someone sees the world is all based off of the choices we make. Sometimes choosing to say "no" to something is the most powerful choice that can be made. Yes and no are opposites and can lead your life in two opposite directions.

This makes me think of the movie yes man with Jim carry where he has to say yes to everything. If you are forced to say yes to everything you have no choice and other people make those choices for us.

This article talks about how yes and no can determine your position at a job. A CEO of a company or someone at a high position wants to hire someone that always says yes. If your a person that chooses to say no a lot it will limit your opportunities not only at work but in your entire life. I believe that someone who lives with more choices and thinks more openly will live a better life. CHOICE LEADS TO MORE FUN.!!!!!!

Although more choice makes for more opportunity it can sometimes paralyze you as barry schwartz said. This means that with too many choices a person can be overwhelmed and not know what to choose. Too many choices in away could stall what your trying too accomplish. It becomes a personal matter whether you like a wide opportunity of choices or if too many is overwhelming.

When deciding what news to we want to read or watch we choose what were interested out of all the choices we have rather than a small amount of all topics. In current brain study's scientist did a test on monkeys with a choosing where they received a reward after choosing correctly. The study determined that monkeys make better decisions with a higher


If the same study applies to humans it means that we could possibly make decisions on what story's to read based on if there is any reward in it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Truth is anything that happens. The real truth to any person is what they are there to experience. What ever occurs in your life is your truth and you are the only one to tell the truth as you see it. Someone else who experiences the same thing as you can see the truth in completely different way. Its  our job not just as journalists but as people to hear and tell the truth and determine what is real to us. Anything we hear is just another persons version of the truth so the real truth depends on who is speaking. As journalists its important to know where the truth comes from. The source of the truth is important to journalists because it makes the story.